What are the ways to use the automatic palletizer

09 Jun.2023

Today we will discuss what are the ways to achieve automatic pallet palletizing. First of all, we are most familiar with and common of course is the robot palletizer, according to the palletizing form there are 4 axis and 6 axis robots. Multiple joint combinations like human arms, each joint can have a certain range of activity space, combined together like a flexible arm to help us realize the palletizing operation of goods; There is also a single column palletizer, which can also be called coordinate palletizer. As the name suggests, it is a palletizing method that moves in the XYZ three-axis direction. The advantage of this palletizer is that it occupies a small area and is agile and flexible. There is also a recommended low palletizing machine, this equipment set pallets for stacking, palletizing, arranging, turning and conveying as one of the palletizing machine, the advantage is high efficiency, up to 1000 cases per hour. Suitable for single product palletizing method.

Different products will use different robot grippers, but also grab line and pallet conveyor to cooperate in order to achieve all the work of the automatic palletizer, specific problems specific analysis. Qingdao Aisun Packaging is a professional carton and pallet automatic packaging solution provider.