How the pallet dispenser works

17 Jul.2023

Here we see that there are travel switches and proximity switches, as well as 6 groups of laser light, they respectively identify whether there is a pallet at the bottom, if there is no pallet, it will give a signal to tell the control center that the tray can be placed, then the fork of the stack machine will drop the tray and fork up all the trays above the upper layer, and the bottom pallet will be transported away. This cycle in turn, until the device alarm, indicating the lack of pictures, you can add the next stack of pallets. Some friends may ask, when will the police be called? This can actually be set according to our situation, for example, when the pallet dispenser is left with 2 pallets or 3 pallets, we need to add pallets, we can set the sensor here, when the sensor can not sense the third or fourth pallet, the device will alarm, telling you to add pallets. The application of the pallet dispenser in the pallet conveying line is very extensive, and it is worth recommending to everyone.