Determination of the working height of the robot palletiser

09 Jun.2023

 Robot is a very widely used equipment, all walks of life are inseparable from the participation of robots, palletizing project is no exception, robot palletizing is a very intelligent and convenient choice, but for the palletizing robot, the palletizing process palletizing height and working height are to be accurately calculated, so how are these heights are determined?
    First of all, the palletizing height is very easy to obtain, which can be calculated mainly based on the arm span of the palletizing robot. The second is the maximum height of the robot at work, which is often ignored by many users, but it is actually also very important, and the important thing is to see if the user's roof height can be satisfied. To calculate this height, several points need to be considered: 1. the height of the robot base. 2. the robot arm span. 3. the palletizing height.
    If the user wants to use a maximum value to consider, then only the first 2 items need to be considered. However, if the user's roof is really close to the critical value or already below the critical value, then the palletizing height should be carefully considered, because if the palletizing height is low, then the robot's arm span does not need to be as large as the span, and the working height will naturally not be as large. For more information about palletizing robots, please stay tuned to Qingdao YUPACK official website: