What are the tips for wrapping film purchase

14 Jul.2023

Wrapping film is a kind of plastic film used in wrapping machine to wrap items, this film has a certain stretchability and also has a certain viscosity, so it can be a good fixed items, so as to achieve the purpose of packaging items. However, for the first time to buy wrap film users, can not distinguish between good and bad wrap film, and even do not know how to buy wrap film, the following we will share with you the wrap film purchase skills.

The winding film itself is specifically sticky, and the general PE material sold outside can be stuck by adding glue, which is not only not environmentally friendly, but also when it is torn, the glue will stick to the product. And our company wrapping film is made of LLDPE new material, as long as you fully open, you can electrostatic self-adhesive. Its material has ultra-thin, strong, transparent, self-adhesive, low temperature resistance and other characteristics, is an ideal packaging material. It has two kinds of adhesive, such as single-sided adhesive and double-sided adhesive.

Of course, these are more professional, many users may not be well understood, if you can not understand these words do not matter, you can compare from other aspects, such as thickness, width, ductility, these three aspects. The thickness of the wrapping film is generally calculated by silk, and you must want to buy a thicker product with the same price, but we want to remind you that the wrapping film is calculated by kilogram, so if you buy a thick film at the same price, the number of meters may be shorter. After the comparison of these three aspects, I believe you have purchased the right product.