When does a high-speed rotary ring pallet wrappers need a pressurized top?

29 Jun.2023

Rotary ring pallet wrappers is a high-speed type of automatic wrapping machine. The outer surface of the goods is wrapped with a film by the ring-shaped cantilever driving the film frame. The cantilever can be lifted up and down while rotating horizontally to wrap the goods evenly. Pre-stretching method is used to save film. Widely used in the assembly cost of foreign trade export, food and beverage, plastic chemical industry, glass ceramics, electromechanical castings and other products, it can improve production efficiency, prevent damage to goods during handling, and play a role in dustproof, moistureproof and cleaning.

       So, under what circumstances does a high-speed ring winding machine with such a fast speed need the pressurized top function? The editor summarizes the following:

       1. For thin and tall goods, goods with a relatively small bottom area and high height are easily pulled down by the film during the winding process, and need to be pressurized;

       2. When multiple products are stacked, it is easy to pull down a single product during the high-speed rotation of the ring, which requires a pressurized top;

       3. There are protective plates and sheaths on the top, which need to be fixed by pressing the top

       The above is the situation that the high-speed ring winding machine needs to be pressurized during use. This winding machine can run at a speed of 45 revolutions per minute. It is an ideal packaging for many customers who have particularly high packaging efficiency requirements for confluence production lines. machine.