What is the maintenance of pallet wrapping machines?

10 Aug.2023

Pallet wrapping machine needs irregular maintenance to be used better, then how to maintain the Pallet wrapping machine? Below we have a deeper understanding of the maintenance method with the Pallet wrapping machine manufacturer, hope it can help you:


1, the chain inside the membrane frame of the pallet wrapping machine should be smooth, if the membrane frame moves up and down with trembling phenomenon, it can be eliminated by tensioning the chain.

2、When the turntable slows down or slips, open the motor cover of the turntable, loosen the four articulation bolts on the deceleration device plate, and then adjust the two tensioning bolts clockwise evenly so as to reach the required tensioning force, and the machine should be adjusted for chain tensioning in the successive use of 10-15 days.

3, placing the goods packaging should try to smooth light to avoid deformation of the chassis or shorten the life of the machine. Other goods shall not exceed the planning height of the packaging, otherwise, it will affect the packaging effect.

4, the goods should be placed in the turntable range, because the goods are too large, beyond the 100mm range or according to the machine practice space operation, otherwise it will be possible to damage the machine.

5, should close the electrical cabinet, regular cleaning, check the electrical equipment and electrical connections to ensure the normal use of equipment.

Another point worth mentioning is that in the summer rainy and wet season, the moisture-proofing of mechanical equipment is also important. This requires us to put the equipment in the direction of the vent, and do a good job of indoor humidity work, so that the indoor temperature and humidity to adhere to the reasonable, so as to avoid the temperature and humidity is too high for the winding machine to form some kind of problems and damage.

If the equipment is faulty or has leakage problem, contact the professional personnel to repair it in time and don't disassemble it without authorization. We provide perfect after-sale service for each sold pallet wrapping machine, if you have any problem, please feel free to call our after-sale service hotline, we will be happy to serve you.