Measures to solve the problem of uncontrollable height of film frame of pallet wrapping machine

09 Aug.2023

There are three main reasons why the height of the film frame of pallet wrapping machine is out of control, so what should be done to solve this phenomenon?


1、Detach the photoelectric time, the setting is inaccurate - reset the photoelectric detachment time can be done.

2、The light around the photoelectric switch of the pallet wrapping machine is too strong - the customer can add a sunshade for the position of the photoelectric switch.

3, The photoelectric switch of pallet wrapping machine always has output - the sensitivity adjustment of the photoelectric switch is not very appropriate, or the photoelectric switch is damaged, you need to replace the photoelectric switch.

The above are the reasons and solutions for the uncontrolled height of the film frame of pallet wrapping machine for you. It is very normal for automatic pallet wrapping machine to encounter some minor faults in the process of long time use, and it is very easy to solve the problem by simple elimination, finding the problem and either adjusting, repairing or replacing it.