What is the adjustable range of the folding and sealing machine

07 Aug.2023

After the formed carton comes out, it is usually packed manually or by machine. Of course, the subsequent process is to fold the upper cover and seal the box. This is the purpose of the folding and sealing machine. The eight-shaped guide rod automatically closes the upper cover, and then seals the middle seam with tape. The upper and lower cores seal the upper middle seam and the lower middle seam of the carton respectively, and there is a side sticker of about 50mm, which is what we verbally call the hem; The size of the hand wheel can still be adjusted to suit the carton size in the range of 150-500; in order to quickly determine the size of the replacement carton, a scale is also placed, which can be described as full of details. The tape holder can be applied to a width of 48-72mm, and the largest diameter can hold xx tape rolls, which can avoid the problem of frequent tape replacement.

       Some customers also questioned whether it is troublesome to replace this tape? Our sealing machine adopts an integrated movement. When replacing the tape, the movement can be removed, and the tape roll can be replaced directly on it to complete the replacement.