Under what circumstances must choose stainless steel carton erectors

07 Aug.2023

The essential part of the carton forming and packaging line is the carton erector, which usually consists of a vertical carton erector, a folding and sealing machine and a palletizing robot. So let's talk about the carton erector today. Some friends may have noticed that this carton erector is a little different from the previous ones. Yes, it is a stainless steel carton erector. The carton erector can adapt to cartons of a certain size through five adjustable handwheels. The bottom of the suction box is folded and the middle seam is sealed with tape to complete the bottom forming structure, which meets the subsequent packing process; the speed can reach 10 boxes per minute, supporting 24 hours production. The scale is displayed in the adjustable place, which is convenient for quickly adjusting the position when changing the carton. The movement is modular, and it is more convenient to replace the tape.

       Why switch to stainless steel? In the past, our machines were made of carbon steel and plastic sprayed. The reason why there is stainless steel is that in many industries such as food and medicine, the equipment used must be made of stainless steel, and the production workshops of some precision parts are mostly clean workshops. , There is also a requirement that it must be made of stainless steel. Of course, the price of the 304 stainless steel carton erector behind me will be slightly higher; some customers only need the outer shell to be made of stainless steel, and we can also customize it.