What is the principle of disordered food mixer?

31 Oct.2023

Many of the mouthwash packaging bags we see, or packaging for coffee, granules, etc. are produced through automatic feeding packaging. Subsequently, these products need to be sorted out for packing or boxing, and then boxing and other packaging processes. Large-scale sorting and boxing has brought great difficulties to the work, so the fully automatic disordered material sorter has solved this problem. So how does it work?

The disordered sorting machine is also called an automatic bag sorting machine. It is used to complete the entire sorting process of irregularly accumulated materials from concentration to dispersion and then to sequential placement. The disordered material sorter pours irregularly accumulated materials into the storage silo, and then the silo conveyor belt moves to transport the materials to the low-speed rollers. The disordered sorting machine sends the materials out of the bag sorting machine one by one through the operation of low, medium and high-speed rollers. The delivered materials are transported by the cartoning machine according to the form or order required for packaging or stacked to complete the next step of the cartoning process. It can be used alone in production, or can be connected with a cartoning machine to form a complete set of automated sorting and cartoning lines.