What kinds of automatic wrapping machines are there?

07 Aug.2023

When it comes to automatic wapping machines, all you can think of are wrapping machines with a very high degree of automation that do not require humans at all. This understanding is correct, but it is not comprehensive enough. This can only be said to be a type of automatic wrapping machine. Today Yupack will share with you the types of automatic wwrapping machines.

1. The stand-alone version is an automatic upper-cut film wrapping machine. The so-called stand-alone version means that the equipment is used alone and cannot be used with the conveyor line. During the use of this type of wrapping machine, the goods must be manually transported to the turntable of the winding machine. After the packaging is completed, it is manually transported, so it is called It is a stand-alone version of automatic film wrapping machine.

2. On-line wrapping packaging machine. As the name implies, it refers to the wrapping machine that can be used together with the conveyor line. This type of wrapping machine can not only automatically cut the film, but also automatically transport the goods, that is to say, the goods can be automatically transported into the winding machine by the conveyor line, and the wrapping machine passes through Automatic packaging is detected, and the package is automatically transported away.

3. Rocker wrapping machine. The rocker arm wrapping machine is a kind of wrapping machine with a very high degree of automation. This model not only has the functions of the above two wrapping machines, but also can pack larger and heavier goods, and the packaging efficiency is very high.

       The above three wrapping machines are all automatic wrapping machines, but there are still great differences in the fields of use. Therefore, users should communicate with manufacturers more when purchasing equipment, so as to avoid choosing inappropriate products due to lack of professionalism.