How to choose online winding machine and rocker arm winding machine

15 Sep.2023

First of all, according to the weight of the goods to distinguish. Relatively heavy goods should not be rotated to do too much movement, should choose the rocker arm winding machine; If the weight is relatively light, choose the online winding machine;

Secondly, judging by the space of the site. The rocker winding machine occupies a larger space than the online machine, and the online machine should be selected if the space is small.

In addition, it can be selected according to the packaging efficiency. The packaging efficiency of the in-line winding machine is about 15 torr/hour, and the rocker arm winding machine can reach 30 torr/hour;

Based on the above characteristics, we should understand the choice of these two winding machines, and if you are not clear how to select the winding machine, you can call 0532-81731828 for consultation.