What does cleaning of a translational case packer mean?

15 Sep.2023

Translational case packer is a main-selling product in the Yupack case packer series, which is suitable for efficient packaging of bottled products. It can be matched with the product incoming material line, and can also be equipped with an automatic packaging production line to form a complete set of intelligent packaging products.

In this machine, there is a very special function called the machine cleaning function. Many customers don’t know what it specifically means. Today Yupack is here to take a look at it with you. Machine cleaning means that when a day's shift is over or a product is about to be packed, there are no bottles coming to the front end. Then you can select the machine cleaning function. The sorting line is no longer feeding, but the gripper can still continue to load the existing products. Packing until all products on the production line are packed.

What should I do if the number of bottles on the sorting line is small and the push is not strong enough? The case packer full line indicator has stopped. At this time, we can manually assist in cleaning the bottles on the line and push them until the gripper is filled. .