The advantages of robot pallet wrapping machine

27 Mar.2024

Robot pallet wrapping machine, a unique packaging equipment, is very different from the traditional winding machine that everyone understands. It abandons the traditional turntable and cantilever design and brings a new perspective to the packaging industry. For customers who are new to this kind of equipment, there may be a lot of problems in choosing one. Today, YUPACK will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this equipment in detail.

 First, let's look at its advantages. Self-propelled winders offer excellent inclusiveness, especially for those bulky and difficult to handle goods. Unlike turntables and swingarms, which have strict limits on item size, the self-propelled winder is virtually size-independent. As long as the goods have clear boundaries, it can freely wrap along the outer edges of the goods, making it very flexible.

  In addition, the self-propelled wrapping machine is particularly suitable for wrapping goods that are heavy and difficult to move. In contrast to conventional winding machines, it does not need to carry the goods to a specified location, but wraps them directly on the goods. This greatly saves the time and labor cost of handling and makes the packing process more efficient and convenient. Of course, self-propelled winding machine also has its limitations. One of its obvious drawbacks is that it is unable to pack goods with dimensions less than 600*600mm. This is because its rotary mechanism needs enough space to operate, and if the size of the goods is too small, the winding machine will not work properly.

In addition, the self-propelled winder needs to reserve at least 1.2 meters of space on the outer edge of the goods when working. This is because its traveling mechanism needs enough space to move and carry out packaging operations. If there is not enough space, it will not only affect the packing effect, but also may cause damage to the equipment.

  Overall, with its unique advantages and adaptability, the self-propelled winding machine has brought new solutions to the packaging industry. It can be used in more industries. For more knowledge about YUPACK robot pallet wrapping machine, please call YUPACK's sales department.