Characteristics of the bottom structure of YUPACK pallet wrapper

20 Mar.2024

Pallet wrapper is one of our main products in automatic  packing process, the whole machine is easy to 

operate and easy to start, and it is also one of the wrapping machines that customers prefer. With the 

continuous improvement and enhancement of industrial automation, our pallet wrapping machine is also upgraded continuously.

First of all, the turntable table is made of 10mm thickness steel plate, which increases the weight-bearincapacity of the turntable and ensures no deformation in long-term use;

Secondly, the bottom star structure is distributed with 8 groups of nylon rollers, which makes the force more

 uniform and smooth;

Moreover, the sensor at the bottom of the pallet winder also adopts the well-known brand Omron to ensure 

the signal is accurate.Finally, the whole bottom material is made of whole plate welding, no corner material splicing and making up 

the number to ensure that the material is made of real material.There are a lot of similar pallet winder on the market, and the price is very different. 

Many customers only focus on the immediate benefits of choosing the lower price, but ignored the quality 

of the film winding machine itself only after the use of the problem of a lot of after-sales constantly affect 

the use of the effect of delay in the work. After the introduction of the editor, you should have an 

understanding of pallet wrapper, and it is also clear that you should understand the quality of the 

pallet wrapper. 

Try to choose the factory with quality guarantee and perfect after-sale guarantee, so that you can makethe machine with peace of mind.