Composition of carton erector

30 May.2023

Carton erector, also known as carton forming machine or carton bottom folding and sealing machine, is an automatic forming machine used in the front of the automatic packaging line, which mainly consists of the following four parts

1. Carton magazine

  The carton magazine is a very important part of carton erector, it carries all the cartons waiting to be opened, this part generally has 2 kinds of structure, one is inclined magazine, one is flat carton magazine, flat magazine is also called power magazine.

2.Folding bottom system

Folding system is one of the most complicated parts of carton erector, mainly used for folding cardboard. It usually consists of front folding, back folding and bottom pressing, each part has its own specific role and function. Front folding is mainly used to fold the sides of the cardboard to form the lid and box body; rear folding is used to fold and merge the remaining two sides of the cardboard to form the four corners of the nail set; bottom pressing is used to fold the bottom of the box, so that it is fixed with the box body. The form and way of folding system used by different models of carton openers may be different.

3. Sealing system

The sealing system is another very important part of the carton erector, it will use glue or tape to glue the carton after folding is completed, to hold the cardboard together and form the finished box. The glue usually consists of flow control devices, smear rollers, glue applicators and other components, and the specific glue application methods and techniques may vary from carton erector to carton erector.

4. Control system

The control system is mainly used to control the operation of each component and realize the production of different specifications of cartons etc. through program settings. It usually consists of devices like human-machine interface, controller and electrical components, which can be customized according to the requirements.

Carton erector is a very important kind of packaging automation equipment, it can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality, reduce labor cost and time in production. I hope my answer can provide you with reference and can make you understand more about the composition and basic principle of the unpacking machine.