What is the function of the suction cup on the case erector

06 Jun.2023

As an automatic packaging equipment, case erector is widely used in all walks of life, such as electronics, food, medical, daily chemical and other industries in the product packaging. The sucker system of case erector is an important part of it, which plays a vital role in improving the packaging efficiency, stability and reliability of the machine. How to optimize the sucker system and improve its performance and reliability has become a problem that can not be ignored by the manufacturers of unpacking machines.

The working principle of the sucker system is that the sucker system is usually composed of a sucker, a joint, a vacuum generator and a controller. Its working principle is to use a vacuum generator to produce negative pressure, so that the suction cup and the product are in close contact, forming a vacuum seal, in order to achieve the purpose of adsorption. In the fully automaticcase erector, the suction system is responsible for lifting the carton from the bin and placing it in the appropriate position to ensure the smooth arrival of the carton. In order for the case erector to successfully complete the process of sucking the carton, the suction cup must also have good suction, and there must be reliable quality assurance in the selection of materials. The design structure should meet the needs of the unpacking machine suction box, and the accessories should also be equipped with better performance.

The suction cup system is an important part of the machine performance, which plays a vital role in ensuring the stability and production efficiency of the machine. Manufacturers should constantly optimize the suction cup system, improve its performance and quality reliability, and provide customers with better products and services. In this highly competitive market, only continuous innovation and improvement can maintain market competitiveness and achieve sustainable development.