Three common troubleshooting techniques for unboxing machines

08 Jun.2023

The use of any equipment cannot be smooth sailing, and the unpacking machine is no exception. However, how to quickly, timely, and effectively solve problems is what we as users need to consider. Therefore, mastering some common fault diagnosis and troubleshooting methods is particularly important. Today, Aixun will share with you three common troubleshooting techniques for unpacking machines based on past experience.

1. Tape cannot fully bond the box. There are three main reasons for this situation: ① the main spring is too loose; ② The drum shaft has accumulated adhesive and cannot function properly; ③ The tape is not qualified. Users only need to know the location of the problem and apply the appropriate medicine to it.

2. There is an abnormal sound during the unpacking process. This may be due to dust on the bearing seat or damaged bearings.

3. The box got stuck midway The adjusting nut of the belt pulley is too tight; ② Unreasonable adjustment of box height; ③ The active spring is too tight.

In future articles, Aixun will continue to introduce the diagnosis and troubleshooting methods for other faults of unboxing machines and other equipment. We welcome your continuous attention.