The common sense about case erector you have to know

06 Jun.2023

The case erector is one of the important parts of packaging automation equipment, which is often used to convert the carton from the stacked state to the open state in order to load the goods. The case erecto is usually used in combination with other packaging lines to form a complete automated packaging production line to improve work efficiency and product quality. In a typical automated packaging production line, case erecto is generally carried out as the second process. The previous process is an automated packaging machine, which is responsible for loading products into unsealed cartons. After filling, the cartons are transported through a conveyor chain to the entrance of the unpacking machine.

The working principle of case erecto is as follows: First, the cartons that are piled up are taken by conveyor to the feed area of the case erecto. Once the carton is in place, the case erecto opens the top flap and lifts the bottom, allowing the carton to unfold. The case erecto will then bend and flatten the four corners of the carton to ensure that the opening of the carton is smooth. Finally, the compression device above the carton applies the appropriate pressure to ensure that the unpacking process does not damage the carton. Although different box openers may differ in their working principles and functions, they usually have some common characteristics. For example, case erecto is usually composed of a conveyor chain, a clamp and an unpacking device to achieve automatic operation. In the latest unpacking machine, some advanced features may also be included, such as automatic adjustment of carton opening size and automatic replacement of carton specifications.

In general, the case erecto is one of the indispensable key equipment in the automated packaging production line. It can quickly complete the unpacking, sorting and unpacking of cartons, and provide stable work efficiency and product quality. For those who want to improve the efficiency and quality of packaging production, investing in unpacking machines is very necessary.