3 requirements of carton erector for carton

09 Jun.2023

carton erector automated production line on the use of a very large number of automated packaging equipment, the machine and carton with the formation of automated packaging line. However, due to the non-adaptive nature of carton erector, it is required that the carton applicable to carton erector should meet certain requirements, and YUPACK will introduce 3 specific requirements below.

1, the corners of the carton cutting. This place is the easiest place to distinguish between manual boxes and machine boxes, manual boxes generally do not have this cutting process, while machine boxes must have this process, otherwise the opener can not open the box normally.

2, the folds of the carton. Carton crease directly affects the opening machine whether the carton cover can be folded up, the general industry's conventional requirements is the depth of the crease at least one-third of the thickness of the carton.

3, the correct degree of carton bonding. Handmade boxes in the folded often appear after the carton's top cover folded can not be very good to it, there will be a long side and a short side, which is when the carton in the bonding of the correct degree is too poor. Therefore, the carton will be very unattractive after the opening of the box.

       The above is YUPACK for you to summarize the carton erector on the carton's 3 requirements, in the future article YUPACK will share with you the carton erector on the carton's other requirements, welcome your continued attention!