Is it okay to frequently start and stop the motor of the sealing machine

08 Jun.2023

Users who have used the sealing machine know that the motor of the sealing machine is always in operation, regardless of whether there is any goods passing by. Compared to other machines, it seems less user-friendly and gives the first impression that it is particularly power consuming. Would it be better if it could be made into an automatic detection type? Is it really good for the sealing machine to start working when there is cargo coming and stop running when there is no cargo? Let's listen to Ai Xun and analyze it for you.

The reason why the motor of the sealing machine is set to rotate continuously is because the sealing machine manufacturer defaults that the sealing machine is for batch operation and is a packaging equipment for production efficiency, so the motor does not need to start or stop. In fact, the same is true. The packaging efficiency of general sealing machines can reach 10-30 boxes per minute, and even folding and sealing machines can reach around 10-20 boxes. In such a short period of time, the sealing machine cannot start or stop at all.

Next, let's talk about the automatic start stop of the motor. Users who are familiar with motors know that the service life of a motor is actually longer than that of continuous start stop. Frequent instantaneous start stop of a motor can have a significant impact on the motor, so it is not necessary to choose to create a motor mode that starts and stops at any time. Of course, this situation only applies to the sealing machine, and whether other packaging equipment is suitable depends on the situation.