How to accurately bind with an automatic packaging machine

08 Jun.2023

According to the degree of automation, packaging machines can be roughly divided into three types: semi-automatic, automatic, and fully automatic. Fully automatic machines are familiar to everyone and can automatically detect, transport, and bundle. Moreover, the bundling position is relatively accurate, but semi-automatic and automatic packaging machines are not equipped with photoelectric detection, so the bundling position is always not fixed enough. How can this problem be solved in practical use?

1. Draw a line on the machine surface. This is a relatively simple method. When using the packaging machine, users can package the items against the line, which basically ensures that the items are in a fixed position during each packaging.

2. Install a limit device for the packaging machine. This is a relatively accurate method. The limit device can accurately fix the packaging in one position, and customers can operate it this way every time they pack, which can ensure that the items are in the same position every time they are packed. It's a very good choice.

These are two tips that Aixun has summarized in practical work, hoping to be helpful for you to use the packaging machine.