How to use a portable electric packaging machine correctly

08 Jun.2023

Portable electric packaging machines are relatively small but valuable equipment in packaging machines. These types of equipment are mostly imported products, which are relatively precise but very convenient to use. They can be moved to the desired packaging position for use. However, many users who have never used this type of equipment do not know how to avoid misunderstandings. Below, Aixun will share with you how to use portable electric packaging machines correctly based on past experience.

1. Remember to hit empty. The distance between the tightening wheel and the lower hanging teeth of the portable electric packaging machine is relatively small, so users must not empty play during use. Once empty play occurs, the tightening wheel of the packaging machine will be severely worn, which will become a fatal damage to the packaging machine and also affect its normal use.

2. Be careful when choosing packaging straps. Portable electric packaging machines can use both PP and PET belts, but when using PP belts, users must choose pure material packaging belts. Recycled material packaging belts have other impurities in the middle, which can cause serious wear and tear to the packaging machine.

3. Remember to wrestle. Due to the fact that portable electric packaging machines require people to carry them for packaging, it is common for them to fall on the ground and be damaged during use. This situation should be avoided as much as possible.

The above are some key points that Aixun has summarized for you on how to use portable electric packaging machines correctly based on past experience. In subsequent articles, Aixun will also introduce some common troubleshooting methods for portable electric packaging machines. Welcome to your continuous attention!