How does the inkjet printer cooperate with the sealing machine?

08 Jun.2023

With the continuous increase in labor costs, the demand for mechanical automation within enterprises is becoming increasingly strong, and the coordination between various types of mechanical equipment is particularly important. One of them is the coordination between inkjet printers and box sealing machines. The combination of inkjet printers and box sealing machines is commonly used by many food and drug companies. So how does inkjet printers cooperate with box sealing machines?

1. Choose a matching inkjet printer. Ink jet coding is a relatively advanced ink jet coding equipment in the current market. This type of machine uses ink for inkjet coding, which is fast drying, material saving, clean, and can be used for wiring. It is deeply loved by users, and some complex items such as QR codes and special characters can be edited by the inkjet coding machine through a computer, which is very user-friendly.

2. Printing machine. Compared to inkjet printers, inkjet printers are a more traditional coding method. Their working principle is to add seeds to the ink wheel, which collides with the ink wheel when the cardboard box passes through. Every time the ink wheel rotates, it can print on the cardboard box once. Currently, this method is only reserved for use in some relatively small-scale factories and is not commonly seen in the market.

3. Labeling. Some users need to code too much content on the cardboard box, and labeling is a very good choice. A small label, with all the content written inside, is neatly pasted on the fixed position of the cardboard box through the labeling machine, which is both beautiful and convenient.

In addition to working with inkjet printers, the sealing machine can also work with other automated packaging equipment such as labeling machines, weighing and removing machines, and metal inspection machines. If you have any problems with such equipment, please feel free to call Qingdao Aixun, and we will be happy to serve you!