What are the processing techniques for the tabletop of the packaging machine

08 Jun.2023

For mechanical equipment, process is a very important link in controlling product quality, and packaging machine products are no exception. If the same packaging machine adopts different process flows, the effect of the finished product will be completely different. Today, Aixun will take the tabletop of the packaging machine as an example to share with you the differences in the tabletop process of different packaging machines?

1. Semi automatic packaging machine. The countertops of the Aixun semi-automatic packaging machine are all made of stainless steel. However, due to the rough packaging during transportation, Aixun has applied a protective film on the outside of the stainless steel plate to prevent scratches on the countertops. Therefore, when users receive the packaging machine, the countertops of the packaging machine should be a white film.

2. Automatic packaging machine. The countertops of the automatic packaging machines produced by Aixun are also made of stainless steel, but there is a special type of automatic packaging machine - the pressurized packaging machine. Due to the action of a cylinder at the upper end of the pressure packaging machine, the table top of the machine needs to be thickened accordingly. However, pure stainless steel material cannot solve the corresponding problem. Therefore, Aixun has produced a table top made of galvanized sheet material, which not only saves costs but also solves the problem of high pressure.

3. Fully automatic packaging machine. The fully automatic packaging machine is a highly automated equipment in the packaging machine, and it must be used in conjunction with a power conveyor line. Therefore, its tabletop needs to have a very special processing method. Aixun's standard model provides two processing methods, one is the galvanized embossing roller tabletop, and the other is the belt tabletop.

After the above introduction, have you gained some understanding of the tabletop technology of different packaging machines? Actually, it's not just packaging machines, but other products such as unpacking machines and sealing machines also have differences in craftsmanship. Aixun will gradually share with you in future articles.