2 points for attention in the use of hot melt adhesive sealing machine

09 Jun.2023

Hot melt glue sealing machine, also known as spray glue sealing machine, is an automatic packaging equipment that is widely used in the market. The main advantage of this machine is environmental protection, so it is very popular among users. For the users of the glue sealing machine, some matters needing attention in use are not well understood. Today, YUPACK will focus on sharing with you 2 points for attention in the use of the hot melt glue sealing machine.

1. Pay attention to the placement. The box unpacking machine is a very regular cube when it is not working, but once it is working, the hopper is opened, and the space in the operating direction of the box opening machine becomes very narrow, and there may be no room for hot melt adhesive Machine, in addition to finding a suitable location to put the glue machine, but also consider the convenience of maintenance and operation.

2. Pay attention to the length of the pipe. At present, the hot melt glue machines on the market are basically imported brands. The pipes for conveying hot melt glue are also very expensive. There are currently two lengths, one is 3 meters and the other is 6 meters. If the tube is selected to be short, it may not be possible to deliver the glue to the designated position, especially for some customized box openers.

      Hot-melt adhesive box sealing machine Since the hot-melt adhesive needs to be heated and melted, heat-resistant protection is required for the glue machine itself and around the pipe. If the heat-resistant protection of the glue machine itself is damaged, it must be replaced in time to avoid personal injury .