Carton sealer three common failures

09 Jun.2023

Carton sealer is one of the very much used automation equipment on the market, the machine can be used alone or with automated packaging equipment together, but many users who have used tape sealing machine know that tape sealing machine in the use of the process will have some common failures, what are the specific? Today, Axiomtek summarizes the three common failures of tape sealer for you: 


1, the top cover of the carton is not aligned. Carton in the sealing machine will appear in the case of the upper cover of the seam is not flush, so sealed out of the box is very unattractive. This situation is caused by the guide wheel is too loose, the user only needs to adjust the guide wheel can be completed.

2、Tape has a small tail. Cut the tape after leaving a small tail, because the size of the tape is wider than the sealing machine knife caused by the user only need to replace the corresponding tape to solve this problem.

3, the tape is not flat. Tape in the paste to the carton will sometimes appear to paste uneven situation, this situation is most likely due to smoothing the tape with the brush damage caused by the user needs to replace the brush to solve this problem.

      The above is the  carton sealer three common failures of the phenomenon and solutions, if you have other questions about tape sealing machine, welcome to call YUPACK, we will be happy to serve you.