4 major considerations for corner edge sealing machine

09 Jun.2023

Corner edge sealing machine is an automatic packaging equipment rarely used alone, the machine is generally used in conjunction with a word sealing machine to form an I-form sealing effect. Any equipment in the process of use will fail, in order to reduce the appearance of failure, we have to follow certain precautions in use, today YUPACK will share with you the 4 major precautions of the corner edge sealing machine: 

1. Pay attention to the size of the carton for sealing, to match the customized range of the machine.
2. There is a long end of the tape and a short end, you can adjust the distance of the blade at the movement, by adjusting to the opening or large or small
3. Carton card box is mainly in the lower right caster can not pass smoothly, the main reason for this problem is the height of the rubber wheel adjustment is too high than the belt surface, the height of the rubber wheel should be higher than the belt surface 1-2cm appropriate
4. As far as possible to ensure that the surface of the carton without dust, conducive to the adhesive tape.
    The above is YUPACK today to share with you the 4 major considerations of the corner edge sealing machine, more machinery and equipment advice, welcome your continued attention!