How to choose straps for strapping machine

09 Jun.2023

Strap is the most commonly used supplies for Strapping machines, it is very close to the strapping machine, so there is no room for a flaw, so after the strapping machine is done, how can you buy the right straps? Today Yupack will share with you how to choose strap for the strapping machine.

1, according to the performance of the strapping machine. At present, the market is mainly divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machine, semi-automatic strapping machine can use both recycled material straps can also use pure material straps. But the full-automatic strapping machine must use the pure material strapping.

2, width and thickness. Width and thickness is mainly on the strapping machine with a certain impact on the slot, but also on the baler has a certain impact on the tightening.

3, the skewness of the straps. The so-called skewness of the strapping refers to the bending of the strapping in the winding, this is inevitable, the strapping will be skewed, but the degree of skew, which is the process of each manufacturer, the process of good skewness control range is small, the process of poor skewness is large. And the skewness of the big packing tape in the frame will not go smoothly.

4, the gram weight of the packing tape. Usually the user may not be too concerned about this data, but also do not understand this data, thought that as long as the thick band grammage is large, not actually. Grammage is actually a density concept, so it is not that the thicker the strapping, the greater the grammage, and grammage determines the hardness of the tape, especially when used in automatic baling machine, grammage small tape will often appear to send the tape is not in place.

      The above is Yupack's summary of how to choose the relevant issues for strapping machines, if you have other questions about the strapping machine, welcome to call Qingdao Yupack marketing center.