4 common failures of the corner edge sealing machine

09 Jun.2023

 Corner edge sealing machine as a back channel automated packaging equipment, its use and maintenance are very important, but many users for the corner edge sealing machine failure phenomenon and the use of precautions are not well understood, today YUPACK on the basis of past work experience for you to summarize the corner edge sealing machine 4 common failures: 

1. The tape is longer at one end and shorter at the other, you can adjust the distance of the blade at the movement, by adjusting to the opening or large or small

2. Pay attention to the size of the sealed carton, to match the range of the machine customization

3. The main reason for this problem is that the height of the rubber wheel adjustment is too high than the belt surface, the height of the rubber wheel should be 1-2cm higher than the belt surface as appropriate

4. as far as possible to ensure that the surface of the carton without dust, conducive to the adhesive tape

     The above 4 major failures appear, but also applies to other sealing machine, YUPACK will continue to introduce you to the knowledge of automated packaging equipment in future articles, welcome your continued attention!