What do you need to pay attention to when putting the belt on strapping machine

09 Jun.2023

The first preparatory work for the use of the strapping machine is to put on the tape.  in previous articles, YUPACK has introduced how to wear the tape, while in the official website of the small video, there are also tutorials on wearing the tape, you can always check, today YUPACK to share with you also and wear the tape, mainly about what needs to be paid attention to the baler to wear the tape.

1, the belt plate should be fixed tight. Packing tape in the wearing tape before, you need to fix the packing tape volume in the packing tape tray, after fixing, there is a rotating handle on the machine can just stick the packing tape in the tape tray, this rotating handle must be screwed to a secure position, there must not be room, otherwise the packing tape in the process of work will fall to the tape tray gap, affecting the normal work.

2, the door of the tape storage box should be locked. In the work of wearing tape, you need to open the hatch of the storage box, but when wearing tape after completion, the operator often forget to close the door, when the machine for storage work, the packing tape will rush out of the storage box outside.

3, pay attention to the cutting knife position of the packing tape do not play bent. This is often ignored by many users, when the packing tape is sent in place, sometimes in the cutting knife bending, thus affecting the normal use of the baler.

     The above is the YUPACK in the work for you to summarize the baling machine wear with what needs to be noted, I hope that your future use of strapping machine will help, welcome to continue to pay attention to the YUPACK official website: