What should we do if the automatic strapping machine cannot detect the goods?

09 Jun.2023

Automatic strapping machine, also called unmanned strapping machine or unmanned strapping machine, is a machine that does not need human intervention in the process of working, and the machine can automatically detect, automatically convey and automatically strapping. However, some customers have recently reflected that the strapping machine cannot detect the goods by itself. This is why?

1, the electronic eye induction is too weak. The degree of induction of the electronic eye is adjustable, from weak to strong, if the user uses the above-mentioned problems, you can adjust the induction strength of the electronic eye larger, so that the corresponding problem can be solved.

2, the item is transparent or reflective poor. Currently on the market strapping machine using photoelectric detection items, which requires the packing items to be able to refract light, if the items are transparent or poor luminosity, then the electronic eye will not detect the items.

3, the working environment is too dusty. This situation is often ignored by customers, according to Axiomtek's previous experience, the production of powdery goods workshop often this problem, the photoelectric surface attached to too much dust, thus can not detect the items. This situation is actually relatively easy to deal with, just need to wipe the photoelectricity clean.

      Always described, no matter which of the above situation, will affect the use of equipment, so Axiomtek recommends that you use in the process of regular maintenance and maintenance, to avoid the normal use of equipment due to untimely maintenance.