What is the reason why the external vacuum machine can not pump vacuum

09 Jun.2023

The main function of the vacuum packaging machine is to pump vacuum, if the vacuum machine can not pump vacuum is indeed a very distressing thing, then for the external vacuum packaging machine, if it can not pump vacuum machine, mainly by what reasons? The following YUPACK will share with you:
1, the button is dialed. This situation is mainly for YUPACK's external vacuum packaging machine, because YUPACK's external vacuum packaging machine, can be used as a vacuum machine, but also as a sealing machine, and do not need to set any parameters, is the need to dial a gear can be. If users find that your machine can not pump vacuum, please confirm that your machine is in the vacuum gear.
2、The pumping nozzle is on the item. Due to the inherent characteristics of the external vacuum machine, it is best to have manual assistance in the working process to ensure that the suction nozzle is on the item as much as possible to prevent the vacuum bag from blocking the suction nozzle due to suction in the process of vacuuming.
3、Vacuum pump failure or damage. There are 2 common factors of vacuum pump failure and damage, one is a long time without refueling. Many users surprisingly do not know that the vacuum pump is required to refuel, which is very undesirable, before using the equipment, you should carefully read the instruction manual. Second, often pumping powdered items not often change the oil. As powdered items are easily sucked into the pump, causing the vacuum pump oil clumping, therefore, packaging such items to frequently replace the vacuum pump oil to prevent damage to the vacuum pump due to oil clumping.
      The above is YUPACK according to past experience for your summary of the external vacuum machine can not be vacuum reasons, more knowledge of vacuum packaging machine, welcome your continued attention!