Three points of transport roller conveyor

09 Jun.2023

When the equipment is done, it always involves transportation, and roller conveyor is no exception, but roller conveyor products are generally larger and more space-intensive, especially international transportation, which will waste a lot of freight, many manufacturers will try every way to help customers save freight, the initial intention is really good, but the result is that the disassembly is too loose, the customer simply can not be installed, the equipment can not run, both sides are Therefore, YUPACK summarizes the three points of transport roller conveyor for your reference according to the past experience.

1, try to avoid disassembly. The longer the roller line, the more you should avoid disassembly, because in the process of disassembly if the mark is not in place, it may cause the situation that can not be assembled together again, so try to avoid disassembly in transport.

2, electrical components should avoid moisture. This is a very important point, because most users will feel that the roller line are a pile of iron, not afraid of moisture, and ignore the electrical parts, so it is very important to avoid moisture in the transport of electrical parts.

3, the roller surface and items in contact with the place to put the pad. The roller line is generally not particularly high, so other goods are put on the roller surface during transportation. When stacking other goods, a padding plate should be put on the roller surface to prevent wear and tear on the roller surface.

      To sum up, roller conveyor transportation should not be disassembled as much as possible, and also should be protected accordingly. Don't save a little bit of freight, but cause endless trouble later, which is not worth the loss.