Automatic pallet wrapping machine swing arm wobble is broken?

09 Jun.2023

 The broad sense of fully automatic pallet wrapping machine mainly refers to the automatic film loading and film breaking, while the narrow sense of fully automatic pallet wrapping machine refers to the in-line pallet wrapping machine, which does not need manual intervention at all, and the machine can This kind of pallet wrapping machine does not need human intervention at all, and the machine can automatically convey, automatically wrap and wrap, automatically wrap and break the film. But no matter what kind of automatic pallet wrapping machine, all of them have a common device --- swing arm mechanism. The main function of this mechanism is automatic film breaking and stroking, but many users find that the swing arm mechanism will wobble when working, is it broken?
      The answer is of course no. Especially for new machines, if the equipment has just arrived and the user finds the swing arm mechanism shaking, it is actually determined by the structure and function of the swing arm. Many people think that the swing arm should be a steady stop to be considered good, but it is not. The swing arm mechanism should not only swing to cut off the film, but also touch the roll of the brush during the travel of the item, so as to whisk the film head to the top of the item nicely. If the swing of the arm is small, the brush will not fit well on the item, and if the swing of the arm is too large, the item will be pulled out of the arm during the travel.
      Therefore, the designers in the design of pallet wrapping machine swing arm structure deliberately designed wobble structure, when the swing arm to the specified position after the film break, and when the item travels, the swing arm will move a little with the direction of the item travel, so that not only can play the role of whisking film, but also can play a role in protecting the swing arm from injury. Therefore, if you see the swing arm with the item travel has a small wobble do not worry, in fact, is intentional.