Analysis of accidental failure of automatic wrapping machine

09 Jun.2023

With the opening of the epidemic, the business volume of major companies gradually increased, and when the customer was rushing to make a large order, the automatic winding machine suddenly had a problem and could not work normally, which made the customer very anxious. After technical communication could not normally solve the existing problem, our company immediately sent the best engineer to repair this equipment. After several hours of hard work, the problem was finally found: the constant operation of the equipment damaged the support wheel under the turntable, resulting in loss of balance and not normal rotation. Through the cooperation of customers and our technical staff, the damaged pallet wheel has been replaced, and the automatic wrapping machine can work normally.

This incident makes people realize that although the automatic wrapping machine can help enterprises improve work efficiency, it still needs regular maintenance and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of equipment. This also makes people pay more attention to the management and maintenance of automation equipment. Qingdao Aicun packaging has also carried out research and development and technology upgrading on this vulnerable problem, if the weight of the goods is more than one ton, the chassis can be used for rotary support, this technology is common in mechanical equipment such as excavators and other high-strength work. With the support wheel replaced by the rotary support, there will be no more vulnerable situations.