3 Advantages of Low Level Palletizers

09 Jun.2023

  Low level palletizer is a very widely used equipment in palletizing equipment, which generally needs to be used together with material handling line, stacker, online pallet wrapping machine, online packing machine and so on. In the face of a wide range of palletizing equipment on the market, many users feel blurred and do not know which is the right choice, today Axiomtek will introduce the advantages of low-level palletizer.
1、Fast efficiency. Compared with other palletizing equipment, the efficiency of low-level palletisers is very high, mainly because the principle of low-level palletisers is layer by layer palletizing, while coordinate palletizing, robot palletizing and single column palletisers are a box of boxes, so the efficiency of this piece is very advantageous.
2、Simple mechanical structure, low failure rate. This is compared to the robot palletizers to talk about, low palletizers belong to mechanical equipment, so even if there is a failure, ordinary users of the workers through video guidance can be solved, while the robot human products are relatively complex, some failures must be solved by professional and technical personnel.
3、Compatible with a variety of carton sizes and palletizing forms. Although other types of palletizers are also compatible, the built capacity is by no means as large as low-level palletizers, especially robot palletizers, which need to consider not only the size of the carton, but also the load capacity of the robot itself and the arm span capacity, which are more restricted factors.
     The above is YUPACK's summary of the 3 advantages of low-level palletizers. After talking about the advantages, we have to talk about the disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of low-level palletizers is that they cover a large area, especially the front part of the material handling line and the part of the supply stack, which need enough space. So, how to choose depends on the user's own actual situation.