2 not applicable situations for folding and sealing machine

09 Jun.2023

Folding and sealing machine, also known as automatic sealing machine, is a very widely used automatic packaging equipment in the automated packaging line, often used in conjunction with the opening machine, boxing machine, packing machine, palletizing machine, etc.. Customers on the production line of a variety of products, that is not all the products can be used to fold the lid sealing machine? The answer is of course no, the following Axiomtek will introduce 2 common can not be applied to the case of folding lid sealing machine.

1. Carton length limitation. For standard sealing machine, the length of the carton is not limited, can be infinitely long, but for the folding cap sealing machine is not possible, mainly because the folding cap sealing machine mechanical arm length is determined. The length of this arm is fixed, and the adjustable range is also fixed. Therefore, the folding and sealing machine can not seal longer or smaller cartons.

2、The weight of carton is limited. In principle, the empty carton sealing machine can also be sealed, but in the actual work process can not, especially the folding cap sealing machine. Why? Mainly because: the sealing machine tape brings resistance to the sealing machine carton, so in the process of carton forward transport will be blocked, then the carton will be stuck in the movement can not move, it can be seen that the carton is too light, for the folding lid sealing machine, then can not seal the box.

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