Suitable tapes for edge corner sealing machine

09 Jun.2023

Corner sealing machine, refers to the corners of the carton tape sealing machine automatic packaging equipment, the machine mainly with a word sealing machine with the formation of I-box sealing machine effect, due to the special nature of the corner sealing machine sealing boxes, the tape applicable to it is not quite the same as a word sealing machine, so what kind of tape can be applied to the corner sealing machine in the end?

    1, the material should be good, to avoid breaking the tape. The quality of tape on the market varies, and some tape often breaks during the sealing process, which not only affects the efficiency, but also affects the sealing effect.

    2, the tape adhesion should be reliable. As the corner edge sealing machine folding process determines the tape must be sticky to good, otherwise after sealing the box will appear warped, so both lose the significance of the corner edge sealing.

    3、The width should be above 50mm. Theoretically speaking, sealing machine for the width of the tape does not have special requirements, but in view of the corner edge sealing machine in the process of sealing boxes need to have the process of folding, so Axiomtek recommends that the corner edge sealing machine tape width should be at least 50 mm or more, so as to make the role of the corner edge to the maximum.

      The above is the type of tape that can be suitable for corner edge sealing machine. The tape that meets the above requirements can not only be applied to corner edge sealing machine but also to one-line sealing machine.