How to buy palletizers

09 Jun.2023

    With the increasing demand for automated production, the demand for automated packaging equipment such as palletizers is increasing, but for this larger equipment, many first-time users do not know how to choose, today YUPACK shares some tips on the purchase of palletizers for your reference.

1、Choose according to the efficiency. At present, there are so many kinds of palletizing equipment on the market: 1, robot palletizer 2, low palletizer 3, high palletizer 4, single column palletizer. The biggest difference between these palletizing equipment is the different efficiency, so you can roughly determine 1-2 equipment by the efficiency standard, and then subdivide it afterwards.

2、Choose according to the site. Among the 4 types of palletizing equipment introduced above, low-level palletizers and high-level palletizers need relatively large floor space, because they all belong to mechanical palletizing, so if your site is not large enough, these two types of equipment may not be able to choose.

3、Choose according to the price. Here Axiomtek would like to emphasize a consideration, price can never be seen as the only selection factor, it should be combined with the above 2 factors together for reference, and finally determine a suitable palletizing method for yourself.

      Have you learned it? For more knowledge about palletizers, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to YUPACK official website: