pallet wrapping machine maintenance 3 points

09 Jun.2023

Pallet wrapping machine, also known as stretch film pallet wrapping machine, is an automatic packaging machine that uses winding film to wrap and wrap pallets of products. The use of any equipment requires maintenance, Pallet wrapping machine products are no exception, but for first-time users, how to maintain is really difficult, the following YUPACK based on past experience and share with you the 3 points of Pallet wrapping machine maintenance: 

1. Chain and gears. In the process of using any equipment, the chain and gear oil maintenance is essential, then many people will have questions, that the motor does not need maintenance? Theoretically, the transmission parts are required to maintain, but with the maturity of motor technology, the current market is free of oil type motors, so in this part of the oil maintenance, the motor is really not required.

2、Nylon rollers are replaced in time. The main function is to carry the turntable and the goods, which will wear out after a long time. In these two cases, it is necessary to replace the nylon carrier roller in time.

3、The cleaning of the film frame roller. This part is easy to be ignored by many customers. When the winding machine is discharging film, there will be some residue of winding film due to the unevenness of the film frame drum, and the film on the drum will need to be cleaned up after a long time.

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