The key points of carton making for case erector

09 Jun.2023

  Many users in the process of automation transformation are more respected leverage, leverage is not bad, but in the process of compatibility with automation equipment does have some problems, the problem of carton is one of them, especially to use the case erector users, especially to pay attention to the following Yupack on the introduction of a few common carton problems.

1, the production error is large. Any product production errors, this is understandable, but this error if beyond the compatible degree, the equipment itself may have certain problems, the most prominent open box machine products. A common phenomenon is that the carton opened out of the two side covers can not be aligned. Many users are usually manually open the box, people slightly use external force to push, the carton is right, but case erector does not have this function, so it requires the carton in the production process to try to control the error within a reasonable range.

2, cutting is not standardized. Carton of the four upper cover in order to be able to fold well, in the four corners will be cut off a long strip, but many carton manufacturers this place cutting is not standardized, some cut large, some cut small, some cut off, some still in the adhesion, and even some only cut traces, but not completely cut through, and so on similar cases, these will affect the normal opening of the case erector.

3, the depth of the crease. The depth of the crease will directly affect the case erector hit the cover process smoothly, many companies will ignore this place, here to remind you is that the carton crease must be as deep as possible, whether it is a machine to open the box or manual opening, are required. Manual opening if the crease is deep, manual folding carton will also be less effort, the same reason for using the machine to open the box.

      The above is Yupack for you to summarize the case erector carton production points, the latter article Yupack will continue to introduce the printing of cartons and cutting the corner of the problem, welcome your continued attention!