What needs to be done for the commissioning of caarton erector

09 Jun.2023

Carton erector is a very widely used automatic packaging equipment in the automatic production line, Carton erector is actually very simple in terms of structure, but the first use of any equipment is not a simple matter for users, the following Yupack will share with you what specific work needs to be done to debug Carton erector.

1, the power supply gas source of abundance. In this point is often easy to be ignored is the gas source, because the gas source will be affected by many factors, such as the gas source interface is not right, the gas pipe is too long, the gas pipe is too thin, the gas source pressure is not enough, etc. may cause the gas source is not sufficient, so before commissioning, the user needs to carefully check these aspects.

2, the adjustment of the size of the carton. This is undoubtedly, so that Carton erector can be well adapted to the carton must be adjusted to the size of the carton, otherwise Carton erector can not open the carton anyway.

Carton erector will seal the bottom of the carton after the carton is opened, but the position of this seal needs to be well adjusted, if the adjustment is not good, the carton may not be sealed, and may not even be delivered.

      Yupack will introduce the specific commissioning steps of Carton erector in future articles, welcome your continuous attention!