How to properly use the portable electric strapping machine

09 Jun.2023

Portable electric strapping machine is strapping machine in a smaller but higher value equipment, this type of equipment is mostly imported products, more sophisticated, but very easy to use, can be moved at will to the required packing position to use, but many users who have never used this type of equipment, do not know how to avoid the use of misconceptions, the following YUPACK on According to the past experience and you share how to use the correct portable electric strapping machine.

1, remember to play empty. Portable electric strapping machine with a small distance between the tightening wheel and the lower hanging teeth, so users in the use of the process must not empty play, once the empty play situation, the baler tightening wheel will wear very serious, which will become a very fatal damage to the baler, will also affect the normal use of strapping machine.

2, for the choice of packing tape to have careful. Portable electric strapping machine that can play PP tape, can also play PET tape, but in the use of PP tape, the user must buy pure material strapping, recycled material strapping due to other impurities in the middle, so the wear and tear on the strapping machine is very serious.

3, remember to wrestle. As the portable electric strapping machine is required to be hand-held for packing, so in the process of use often appear artificially did not hold dropped on the ground broken, this situation should be avoided as far as possible.

     The above is Axiomtek's summary of how to correctly use the portable electric strapping machine based on past experience for you some of the key points, the follow-up article YUPACK will also introduce some common troubleshooting methods of portable electric strapping machine, you are welcome to continue to pay attention!