The impact of the environment on the strapping machine

09 Jun.2023

Do you know that the environment also affects the use of strapping machine? This problem is certainly a lot of users will ignore, you will certainly question, people can work in the place, but the machine can not? In fact, this is really the case, the following Yupack on the list of several environmental impact on the use of strapping machine, to see if you have similar problems.

1, the dust is larger, affecting the sensor signal. Conventional strapping machine packing detection are detected by photoelectric sensor, but if the environment is particularly dusty, the surface of the photoelectric sensor will be easily contaminated, thus affecting the detection of the sensor work.

2, the more corrosive environment. The strapping machine on the market is mostly made of carbon steel, working in such an environment, the strapping machine itself will corrode more seriously, the skin will fall off, rusty conditions. Because Yupack does not recommend the user's strapping machine in this environment.

3, the humid environment. In such an environment, not only will the strapping machine itself be damaged, the straps exiting the strapping machine will fall on the ground, and the next time the belt is delivered will also be insensitive.

      How about it? Do the 3 situations described above also exist in your factory? If so, you need to do regular cleaning and maintenance work on the strapping machine to ensure the normal operation of the strapping machine.