3 situations of choosing edge corner sealing machine

09 Jun.2023

Corner sealing machine you must not be unfamiliar, it is mainly with the I type sealing machine after the formation of I-shaped sealing box of automated packaging equipment, the market is still very widely used, but many of the first time to buy users for how to buy corner sealing machine or some confusion, the following Yupack and you share three need to buy corner sealing machine situation.

1, the carton is more drum. There are many users need to package products are more fluffy, such as towels, quilts and so on, after installed in the carton, the top cover of the carton will be slightly upward bulge, then if the simple use of I type sealing machine to seal the box, can not play a good role in fixing, then you need to use the corner sealing machine.

2、Heavy carton. Generally heavier carton users will choose two ways to seal the box, one is hot melt adhesive plus I type sealing, the other is I type sealing machine plus corner edge sealing, these two packaging methods can play a very good role in fixing.

3、For the packaging effect has the requirement of the case. Many users' products are to be exported to foreign countries, although such products do not belong to the above two cases, but the user is such packaging needs, then it is necessary to use the corner edge sealing machine.

      The above is Yupack in the past work for you to summarize the purchase of corner edge sealing machine three situations, if you still have other questions about the purchase of sealing machine, you are welcome to call Qingdao Yupack marketing center!