How to examine the quality of sealing machine

09 Jun.2023

Sealing machine as one of the indispensable equipment of the back channel automatic packaging equipment, its quality seriously affects the operation of the whole line, so for the first time to choose the sealing machine users, how to examine the quality of sealing machine? The following Axiomtek will give you 3 strokes:

 1, the core components of the assessment. For the tape sealing machine, the core components are the motor and movement (if the user really do not know, you can let the sales staff to introduce themselves), compared to the core components of the good or bad can roughly determine the quality of the equipment.

  2, the assessment of wearing parts. Machine in addition to the core components, wearing parts is also worth noting, because wearing parts are often needed to replace, if the quality is not up to par, then the frequency of replacement will be very high, which is a disguised increase in cost.

  3, the assessment of the service. Although for first-time buyers, users have not yet enjoyed a full set of services, there may be no way to intuitively judge, but in this information so convenient today, Axiomtek believes that want to understand the service situation of a company, or very easy.

      The above is Yupack based on past experience for you to summarize the 3 factors to examine the quality of sealing machine, if you still have any questions about the purchase of sealing machine, welcome to call Qingdao Axiomtek marketing center.