What is the reason for not flapping with Automatic Flaps Folding Carton Sealing Machine

09 Jun.2023

Automatic Flaps Folding Carton Sealing Machine is a device with a high degree of automation in the box sealing machine, which can be used on a single machine or with an automated assembly line to realize unmanned operation. However, this device sometimes has some minor problems during use. Today, Yupack shares with you the following about the problem of ----- not flapping the cover, one of the common faults:

1. Insufficient air supply. The capping function of the folding cover sealing machine is realized by the cylinder, and the cylinder needs the air source, when the air source is not sufficient, the cylinder can not work well, so ensuring sufficient air source is the primary guarantee for the normal work of the folding cover sealing machine.

2, machine carton. Many users can not understand that the carton will also be divided into manual boxes and machine boxes, in fact, the difference between the two cartons is very small, but it is this small difference, resulting in manual boxes can not be used on the machine. This small difference is the corner of the carton cover, the corner of the manual box is not well cut, but the machine box must be cut, otherwise the top cover of the folding and sealing machine can not be converted.

The users who have been in contact with the sealing machine know that the sealing machine is a very simple equipment, and the personnel who know a little about the machinery can judge the fault at a glance, and can also give the right medicine to solve the problem with high quality and efficiency.