How to operate the sealing machine correctly

09 Jun.2023

In the previous article, Yupack shared three cases of wrong operation of the box sealing machine, so how can the carton sealing machine operate correctly? Today Yupack will share with you how to properly operate the sealing machine.

1, determine the correct power supply voltage for access. At present, the domestic sealing machine adopts 220v 50hz power supply voltage, but there are also some customized equipment may use 380v power supply, so the user should first determine the power supply voltage before using the sealing machine to ensure correct access.

2, determine the maximum and minimum packaging size. The width and height of the sealing machine can be adjusted, but the range of adjustment is limited, so the user needs to determine the maximum and minimum size of the product to avoid the carton out of the range of stuck in the sealing machine.

3. Read the instructions carefully. Reading the manual is to let the user better understand the sealing machine, better use the sealing machine, and there are many common problems in the manual solution, if the user can have a good grasp of this information, you can win valuable time for production.

In fact, these operation specifications are applicable to a wide range of fields, in addition to the box sealing machine, but also applicable to other automatic packaging equipment such as unpacking machine, strapping machine, if you have other questions about the box sealing machine, welcome to continue to pay attention to Qingdao Yupack official website: