Three cases of wrong operation with Carton Sealing machine

09 Jun.2023

Many users like to operate the new equipment first, without carefully reading the instructions or operation videos, etc., which will result in a lot of wrong operations and further damage of the equipment. The following Yupack will take the carton sealing machine as an example to share with you three cases of wrong operation of the carton sealing machine. I hope it will be helpful for your future use.

1, the machine has abnormal sound directly disassemble the machine. The machine is prone to abnormal sound during the working process, which is not necessarily a signal of machine failure, sometimes it may be only caused by the loosening of the screw of the machine, do not blindly dismantle the machine.

2, if the transmission ring is loose and cannot be located, it means that the elasticity of the plastic steel bar and the transmission spring disappear, and it is necessary to remove the trigger combination, reinstall the spring or replace the plastic steel bar and the transmission spring.

3. Work barefoot in the workplace. Although the structure of the sealing machine is very simple, but workers can not be barefoot in the work site, which is very dangerous.

In addition to the three wrong operation cases introduced above, they are also applicable to other related packaging equipment. If you have similar problems, you are welcome to call Qingdao Yupack's after-sales service phone in time to avoid damage to the equipment.